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Ford Experiential

We devised an interactive experiential event for Ford’s Park Assist campaign. Ford commissioned an XBox Kinnect game that used the infra red of body movement to control the parking of a car in a computer game. We added a social media element by filming the person playing the Kinnect, whilst running a picture-in-picture of them playing the game. This captured both the 2D game and their 3D reactions – much hilarity and frustration trying to park a car with your hands! This was simultaneously recorded and exported to Youtube minutes after they had completed the game, allowing them to Tweet or Facebook their own experience of Park Assist.

We ran a launch event for Park Assist with special guest Chris Evans trying out the technology:

The event was held at City Hall and was a huge success for both Ford and their PR company Hill & Knowlton  with articles in the Metro, online media and blogger posts,as well as generating public awareness and understanding. This event was then rolled out to several of the large Ford dealerships around the country.

Ford also used our interactive event for the social events around the IFA trade show in Berlin, where bloggers and new media journalists got to try the technology. The interactive element was a great success and became the number 2 trending topic in Germany! Here is an image of the #tassebier social event in Berlin with a large Twitter wall projection.